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Aluminum alloy 6061 is widely used in various forms such as plates, bars, and extrusions due to its high resistance to stress, corrosion, and cracking, making it ideal for automotive, aerospace, and engineering applications. The alloy's main elements, magnesium and silicon, contribute to its medium to high strength, good weldability, and formability, which are enhanced through heat treatment processes. Arch Metals, a supplier based in Dallas and Austin, Texas, specializes in providing 6061 aluminum flat bars and other extruded shapes, focusing on high-quality products to support cost-effective manufacturing for a wide range of industrial applications.

12/29/20232 min read

Aluminum alloy 6061 is the common grade of aluminum alloys, available in different types/forms to be used in various applications. This includes 6061 aluminum plates, bars, tooling plates, and extrusions. This alloy is highly useful for automotive, aerospace, and other general engineering applications. Arch Metals is the 6061 aluminum flat bar supplier in Dallas and Austin Texas helping manufacturers by fulfilling their needs for 6061 extruded aluminum bar. We focus on supplying top-quality products to our all customers to assist them in manufacturing their applications cost-effectively.

What Actually Makes 6061 Aluminum Alloy Perfect for Many Applications? Elements in 6061 aluminum alloy are what actually make it perfect and versatile. Main alloying elements like magnesium (1.0%) and silicone (0.6%) provide 6061 a high resistance to stress, corrosion, and cracking. These elements also make 6061 aluminum formable and weldable.

6061 aluminum alloy is a heat-treatable alloy of medium to high strength having a higher level of strength if compared to other alloys like 6005A. Its fatigue strength is medium level and it is good weldable. It is also better corrosion resistant and has nice cold formability. Unfortunately, its strength is reduced in the weld zone.

Aluminum 6061 is mostly used in heavy-duty structural applications of different industries:

• Fuselages and wings of aircraft

• Engine parts of aircraft

• Helicopter Rotor blades

• Spacecraft components

• Missile components

• Other structural components

• Truck Frames

• Rail coaches

• Commercial and military bridges

• Motorboats

• Many other structural and non-structural automotive and aerospace applications

Aluminum 6061 is generally used in automotive applications where fixtures are essentially needed for production lines. A few of the parts manufactured with 6061 alloys are marine fittings, camera lenses, yachts, valves and couplings, brake parts, motorcycles, bicycle frames, electrical fittings, archery equipment, fishing reels, and scuba tanks. This type of aluminum magnesium silicon alloy is highly used to build up wide-span roof structures like those for bridge decks and arenas.

For extrusion purposes, aluminum 6061 is the most preferred and highly used alloy. As it has better strength for many structural applications, it’s sometimes referred to as structural aluminum. While making custom extruded shapes for structural applications, it’s a good decision to include generous corner radii both to improve the design’s strength and ease of extrudability. The chemical properties of 6061 alloy make it suitable for wide-ranging applications; for example: special custom-designed extrusion shapes.

Aluminum 6061, including 6061 extruded aluminum bar and plate generally goes through the hot forging process. With the use of an induction furnace, billets are heated and forged in a closed die process. The forging process is done for creating many components of automotive and aerospace applications.

6061 Aluminum Bar - The 6061 aluminum bar is one of the highly versatile, preferred, and commonly used aluminum alloys. Many applications of various industries use this form of 6061 aluminum. However, the 2000 series of aluminum alloys are more suitable for better machinability. Extruded 6061 square bar provides easy cutting, machining, and welding for different types of applications that demand corrosion resistance and perfect strength-to-weight ratio. Few of the 6061 aluminum round bars are created to precise diameter tolerances for the screw machine applications.

6061 Aluminum Plate - Another most versatile alloy is the 6061 aluminum plate. It’s not heat treated and oftentimes referred to as wrought alloys. This alloy has various applications as it provides exceptional strength, corrosion resistance, machinability, and weldability.

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